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Flying with Tinnitus? Read these Air Travel Tips

Tinnitus ear ringing, coupled with constant ear pain and fullness together don’t make for a very relaxing summer vacation, especially if you have to board a plane. Changes in barometric pressure, loud engine noise, and fatigue from sleeplessness can worsen symptoms of tinnitus. To ensure you have a comfortable flight, follow some of these basic tips for air travel with chronic tinnitus.

Flying with Tinnitus? Read these Air Travel Tips


Stress is one of the most common triggers of tinnitus. To help cut down on some of the anxieties that occur before and during a flight, practice these sensible stress-reducing tips:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before you fly.
  • Check your carry-on and suitcase weight allowances to avoid extra baggage fees.
  • Make sure you packed enough medications or vitamins for your trip, including natural supplements for tinnitus.
  • If you suffer from flying phobia, bring along a bottle of Rescue Remedy for instant relaxation and tinnitus trigger avoidance.
  • The day before you fly, cut back on caffeine and other stimulants that aggravate tinnitus.
  • Practice deep breathing, mindful awareness meditations, or progressive relaxation.
  • Bring along an eye mask and your favorite selection of relaxing music for nighttime.Flying with Tinnitus? Read these Air Travel Tips.

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Protect your ears

Sometimes, tinnitus is caused by exposure to extremely high noise decibels, like an explosion or a very loud work environment.

In any case, to maintain your hearing and reduce tinnitus symptoms, it’s important to wear proper ear protection before entering a scenario that involves ear-shattering noise, such as flying on an airplane.

Even if you’re taking a short flight, wear earplugs whenever possible, especially during take-off or landing. If you can, arrange to sit close to the front of the plane, away from the engines.

You may find relief from wearing noise-cancelling headsets, or AirDrives earphones that protect your delicate eardrums.

Flying with Tinnitus? Read these Air Travel Tips

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Cut pressure

Changes in air pressure inside and outside of the ear while flying are a constant source of pain, even for people who don’t have tinnitus. Any kind of blockage in the Eustachian tube of the air traps air bubbles, sometimes causing excruciating pain on ascent and descent.

To minimize tinnitus and ear pain from air pressure, try these tips:

  • Chew gum.
  • Swallow hard.
  • Yawn.
  • “Pop” your ears by closing your mouth, plugging your nose, and exhaling.
  • Take a decongestant.
  • Wear EarPlanes pain reliever earplugs.

Flying with Tinnitus? Read these Air Travel Tips


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