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Tinnitus Remedy

A Great Tinnitus Remedy You Can Live With


Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is very difficult to live with. For some people, it can become so bad they will suffer from insomnia, severe depression, and they may even entertain thoughts of suicide. If you have tinnitus and are having difficulties dealing with the constant noise in your head then it is critical you find a great tinnitus remedy that will be safe and effective.

Tinnitus is unique because it has so many different causes. This can make it very difficult to eliminate. The first place you should start looking for relief from your tinnitus is with your doctor. Your tinnitus may be caused by something as simple as an ear infection or high blood pressure. However, if your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you, and you need to learn to live with the ringing in your ears it is time to seek an alternative tinnitus remedy.

Since tinnitus can be caused by nutritional deficits it is a good idea to find a supplement that is specifically formulated to treat tinnitus. The best supplements will contain ingredients that have been tested and proven to have a positive effect on tinnitus. Here are a few ingredients you should look for in a tinnitus remedy.

Ginkgo biloba

This herb has shown promising results in the treatment of pulsatile tinnitus. Several clinical trials have been performed on individuals who suffer from tinnitus. The success rate for eliminating tinnitus with ginkgo biloba has been as high as 82%.

Lipoic acid

There are specific medications that can cause damage to the nerves of the inner ear. When these nerves become damaged, hearing loss can be the result. Many people who suffer from hearing loss will also suffer from tinnitus. Certain antibiotics produce a high risk for ear nerve damage. Studies have found that if an individual takes a supplement that contains lipoic acid it can protect the ear from damage from these antibiotics. Therefore, it is important you find a natural supplement that contains lipoic acid to give this protection.


This is a very important mineral when it comes to healthy ear function. Clinical trials were performed on patients that suffered from tinnitus. Once these patients started taking zinc supplements, they noticed a significant improvement in the intensity of their tinnitus symptoms. Researchers concluded the antioxidant properties of zinc are a potent tinnitus remedy.


When you are searching for a powerful supplement to alleviate tinnitus symptoms you need to find one that contains antioxidants. Grape seed extract has been proven to be a powerful tinnitus remedy because it contains high levels of antioxidants.

It is wise to do your research before you decide on a tinnitus remedy. The ingredients listed above are a great start when it comes to getting tinnitus relief. Look for a comprehensive supplement that contains these ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals. When you find a supplement that is backed by scientific research then you may finally be able to get rid of that annoying ringing in your ears.

Tinnitus Research

350 patients with hearing loss and tinnitus due to advanced age were treated with the key ingredients of TinniFree, and the success rate for improved hearing and tinnitus was 82%.

This formula is the most comprehensive hearing support formula, with targeted ingredients shown to be effective for noise-free hearing support. The TinniFree formula is based on clinical journal reports cited by leading tinnitus research organizations.
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